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The story of “Warship” is about the strong cannonade between warships during the 17 century in Europe.

At the beginning, you start off with a small warship.
However, you can upgrade the cannon, speed and defensive strength of the warship by clicking the icon of the ratchet wheel whenever you want.
You can also get money by picking up the wooden boxes when attacking the enemies.
You can buy stronger warships in the shop with your money.
When you click the “Question Mark” while fighting, a pop-up window explaining how to play the game will appear.
Play and Enjoy “Warship.”

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  1. You can find my review here:

    I have a lot of useful ideas to improve WarShip. Feel free to ask!

    My compliments for this great game.

    Tiziano Dal Betto.

  2. Dear Tiziano Dal Betto,
    Thank you for your comments.
    Any suggestions or further comments will be much appreciated, so please feel free to share your thoughts, and I will consider and make changes accordingly.
    Again, thank you for sharing your valuable thoughts.

  3. I've really enjoyed your game but found that the sailable area is two small. All to often I find myself running into a corner. Also the larger ships are much harder to use, I can complete the game using a smaller ship but have difficulty finishing even some of the earlier levels with the frigate. Just what are the strengths and weaknesses between them. Still a fun game!

  4. I agree with Peter about the size of the sailable area. Suggestions: 1) introduce wind. The game will become more strategic. 2) introduce different ammunitions (chained balls and "mitraglia". chained balls will damage sails, mitraglia will kill people on the ship. 3) introduce "boarding". (greater tresure, but fight reduces the number of people on the ship; greater ships can hold more people than small ships)... Please, excuse me for my broken english... Bye Tiziano Dal Betto

  5. I agree with the above...great first try, now improve it! Instead of boxes, how about land masses? or reefs? Also, and excuse me for being the hell do you beat the levels? A little more explanation would be appreciated. Love the game!

  6. how do I unlok a ship on the buy area? I have over 4,000 in gold but will not let me unlok, ?

  7. First off, I'd like to say that I love the game! I agree with some of the others here and would like to add a few things.

    1) Wind - these are sailing ships, so wind should be a factor (and either random or adjustable as a setting or even off).
    2) Sails - to go along with the wind, you should be able to adjust your sails to adjust speed - full or reefed.
    3) Choose the side to fire - you should be able to tap the screen on the side you wish to fire upon.
    4) Extra damage for raking - a cannonball raking along a ship from front to aft or vice versa did much more damage.
    5) I like the simplicity of the firing, but it would make more sense to have the cannons train on a target instead of just fire straight out.
    6) You should be able to dis-mast a ship and capture it for more treasure (or even to gain a ship of that type). You'd need different shot to do this - chain, grape, and regular. You should be able to keep a prize ship or sell it. Make the ships more expensive, but the prizes worth more too. Maybe allow a ships crew (limited by ship size and rank) to man the prize ships - send them our in a boat to board.
    7) It needs some terrain - shoals, reefs, cliffs
    8) Missions would be fantastic - protect the gold fleet, protect a courier, sink the flagship, get from one side of the channel to the other, blockade a port, dodge the fireships, rescue the ally, bombard the fortification, capture the courier
    9) Ranks would be cool - start as a commander, then captain... As you advance, you may command more ships and choose one or two to fight with you.
    10) Friendly fire - you should be able to hurt your own ships and enemies should be able to hurt each other. It'll make them think twice before firing through their friend.
    11) It needs a larger map - allow you to move wherever, just have the enemy ships keep pace and "teleport" somewhere right off screen in front of you if you get too far away.
    12) It needs a damage meter somehow - or at least, if you avoid damage for a time, your crew puts out the fires and makes minor repairs to the ship (not all the way)
    13) When the pirates come, if they pick up treasure, they should drop an equal amount.
    14) Different cannons had different ranges.
    15) Just for coolness, it would be sweet if there was a small chance of a magazine explosion every now and again where a ship exploded!

    Keep up the good work! I love the game!

  8. love the game they should make warships 2 with ships from world war one to world war 2 battleships and destroyers etc... have ships from every country that was in the wars

  9. make it available on Android and they should make a warship 2 with warships from ww1 & 2 and a larger sailing area and realistic sailing conditions



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